Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A word of advice from “The Rainwearist.”

It is my understanding that many wives, girlfriends or partners fail to appreciate the benefits of voluntarily agreeing to wear one of “his” favorite raincoats out for the evening, let alone wearing one in the bedroom later that night.

Personally, I believe that nothing says “I care about you” more than putting on one of his favorite raincoats just before leaving the house for a dinner date, trip to the shopping mall or even a weekend walk, whatever the weather outside.  The smile of approval and return of affection is well worth the effort.      

Based on my own personal experiences and observations, wearing for example a shiny black rubber or plastic raincoat (mackintosh) out in public attracts very little attention in this day and age.  Perhaps one person in a hundred takes a second look, and that’s typically a middle-aged man with a smile on his face.  To my way of thinking, the “kinky” connotations of wearing a shiny mackintosh out-and-about are well and truly behind us.  

While I readily appreciate the fact that sometimes it can be hard to rekindle the spark of passion in a relationship, let alone persuade ones partner to start wearing a sexy raincoat on a regular basis, it can in my opinion be done.

My personal recommendation: plan a dinner date for two at an up-scale restaurant.  Irrespective of the weather that night, ask “her” to take along (but not necessarily wear)  one of your favorite raincoats in her wardrobe.  Follow dinner with a movie, concert or old fashioned evening stroll.   Make sure the raincoat is not the focal point of the evening (and certainly not a distraction).  At the end of the evening, thank her for bringing the raincoat along, and briefly explain why you so adore seeing her dressed in any of her stylish rainwear and how much it truly means to you.  Trust me, it takes a hard woman not to want to slip her raincoat on and seal the deal with a loving kiss.

Please let me know if you would like to see "TheRainwearist" return on a weekly basis. Thanks.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bizarre Magazine - Vintage Rainwear Photos

Last month, I finally finished reading The Complete Reprint of John Willie’s Bizarre Volumes 1-13 and 14-26 (published by Taschen) and have to say that if nothing else John Willie (John Alexander Scott Clouts 1902-1962) was a true pioneer and above all, pathfinder of the fetish and BDSM scene during the middle of the last century, publishing photographs, readers letters and his own personal thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics including consensual bondage and rubber fetishism.

Without question or doubt, John Willie understood and appreciated his readers enthusiasm for rubber and especially rubber rainwear (which included capes and mackintoshes) all of which which are featured in several editions of Bizarre.

To be honest, I can’t help but wonder if John was a rainwear enthusiast himself. It’s patently obvious he liked his models to dress in leather and rubber outfits including sexy raincoats, but the question remains, did he personally like to dress for pleasure in rubber macs and capes? Unfortunately, we will never know.

For enthusiasts who appreciate vintage photos of rainwear (I count myself as one) both volumes of the Complete Reprint of John Willie’s Bizarre are a must-read. Interestingly, almost all of the published photographs in Bizarre feature models (or readers wives) dressed in rubber mackintoshes and wearing high heel leather boots or shoes. Based on my own personal observations and email, it is apparent today in 2013 that many (but not all) rubber mackintosh enthusiasts prefer to see their wives, girlfriends or partners wearing macs worn with low heel rubber rain boots, riding boots or waders. I can only assume that tastes and preferences have changed over the past sixty or seventy years due in part to the widespread availability and acceptability of rubber rain boots.

For the record, I personally think a shiny black rubber mackintosh worn with a pair of high heel leather boots or shoes looks very attractive.

What do you think?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Catching Up On My Reading

I finally found the time last month to read a couple of books (or to be precise, one book and two hard back volumes of magazine reprints) which despite being in my possession for over fifteen years, I had never managed to find the time read.

The first; Fetish: Fashion, Sex and Power by Valerie Steele looks into the perceived connection between fashion and fetishism back in the 1990’s from kinky boots, corsets, and underwear (worn as outerwear) to second-skin garments (her words not mine) produced in latex rubber and leather.  Ms. Steele is most definitely not the first academic or journalist to try and cover this somewhat complex subject and to be honest giving credit were credit is due, does a good job in addressing what is a very complex subject. She most definitely did her research.

Chapter six- Second skin has a sub-section titled ‘The Rubber Devotee’, which amongst other things discusses the attraction of rubber garments and particularly rainwear dating back over the past century. Ms. Steel includes some lines from readers letters published in both London Life and Rubber News which make for some interesting reading:

Mr. P ( from London) wrote to Rubber News to report that his friend Doris was happy to don a thick latex rubber “punishment suit” and submit to be being “tied in a complex way”.

 Mrs. P (from Somerset) believes that “if wives only knew the hold they can exercise on their husbands by wearing rubber, more would do so; after all what is the difference in wearing rubber or silk panties if it pleases him. He may still look at other women dressed in rubber mackintoshes... but we have a mutual secret which we share and nothing can make up for that.”

According to Ms. Steel, “the invention of PVC was especially important because it made wet look possible, adding a new twist to the old enthusiasm for raincoats.” While I am not sure that I fully agree with this point of view, after all I have seen some pretty shiny black rubber mackintoshes over the years, I also believe that dressing for pleasure in rainwear is not just about dressing in “wet look” macs for sex but also about deriving pleasure in wearing a quality made traditional rubber surfaced or rubberized mackintosh or cape (or quality PVC mac) out on a long Sunday walk in the rain with the one you love. Very romantic and a lot of fun.

Fetish: Fashion, Sex & Power is a good read for those interested in gaining an insight into fetishism and how it relates to fashionwear etc.

My second summer read is The Complete Reprints of John Willie’s Bizarre (magazine) Volume 1-13 and 14-26 published by Taschen back in 1995. Beautifully produced in hardback with an introduction by photographer Eric Kroll, I thoroughly recommend this set to anyone interested in John Willie’s work dating back to the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Note: For those interested, I will post a review next week which includes discussing the sections featuring rubber rainwear etc.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Rainwear Enthusiast Summer Reading

Over the years, I have received a number of un-solicited short stories (and even on occasion manuscripts) from rainwear enthusiasts around the world who have turned their passion for mackintoshes and rain capes into the written word.

Without question or doubt, the majority of these works are based solely on the authors own personal dressing for pleasure fantasies and desires. Which is perfectly fine with me.

On occasion however, I receive a story which based on the amount of detail and number of pages, leads me to believe that the author is most likely writing from his or her own personal experiences.

Recently, I received such a story from an enthusiast which caught my attention for a number of reasons. First, the piece was very well written. Secondly, the author clearly knows his subject, describing in detail his characters (Jack and Kate’s) loving relationship which includes their many dressing for pleasure sessions in an ever-increasing collection of rubber mackintoshes and capes.

Graciously, the author as agreed to allow me to share his work of fiction titled "Susuruss" (which totals over sixty pages) with fellow rainwear enthusiasts.

This week, I will begin posting "Susuruss" on the website in installments.  A "must read" for fans of satin, single texture and vintage shiny white rubber (SWR) mackintoshes.
Access is free, but I very much hope you will support my online endeavors with a donation.

Below is a short excerpt from this at times erotically charged story.


The next day, Jack had to attend a customer meeting and lunch so he left his home office just before 10:30am. Kate was busy doing laundry and finishing the unpacking and while she did so she took the opportunity to rearrange her closet to put all her macs together. First came the shiny white rubber A-line and next her navy blue rubberized satin. Her crimson rubberized polyester and her riding mac followed these. Last, but by no means least came the black rubberized satin cape. Kate debated on hanging her royal blue latex cape with the others but decided instead to lay it in one of her lingerie drawers. Finally she put all her boots on the closet shelf below the hanging rubber rainwear. Before closing the closet she could not resist trying the high rubber boots bought secretly by Jack.

She decided very early in the process that putting them on over bare skin was going to be next to impossible, so she slipped off her jeans and drew on a pair of thigh-high stockings. Then, after the application of a little talc, she sat on the bed, opened the side zipper and pointed her toe into the foot of the boot. A little wriggling brought success and she pulled up the zipper. The second was a little easier and with both boots in place, she stood up. Immediately, she almost had to sit down again as the heels were much higher than she was used to and the over-the knee rubber constrained the movement of her knees.

"No pain, no gain," Kate muttered to herself and taking shorter than normal steps she walked to the mirror. As she turned around looking at herself, she decided that she wanted to see how she would look with a mac. She tried several and decided that what she really needed was a shiny black rubber mac but SBR was one style she did not have. "At least I’ll get staff discount when I buy one," she said to her image in the mirror. For now, the one that came closest was her black rubberized satin cape so she drew it on and fastened the buttons. She pulled up the hood and was overwhelmed by the aroma and the feel of the rubber lining over her bare skin. She withdrew her forearms from the arm slits and stood with her hands on her hips and stared at the dominant image she was creating.

A, now familiar, feeling began to suffuse her body. She fell back on the bed and luxuriated in the sense of being totally immersed in smooth rubber. Every one of her senses was bathed by it. There was the sight in the mirror as she turned her head, there was the scent of the warming rubber lining, and there was the feel of the rubber itself with her fingers moving beneath it. Lastly there was the susurrus, that accelerating whispering, rustling sound as her fingers moved faster and faster until she cried out in utter pleasure.

After a few minutes rest she returned the cape and boots to the closet and realized that only the sense of taste was missing, and she needed Jack for that.
You can read Susuruss in weekly installments at or in full at the members area.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Attitudes Towards "Kinky" Lifestyle Choices

On a visit to a well known rainwear shop in England back in the early 1980’s (which then only sold an extensive range of mackintoshes and capes in shiny black rubber, single/double texture rubberised cotton and rubber backed nylon and satin) the owner told me how when he first opened his doors for business in the 1960’s, he had a visit from two local police detectives.

As it turned out, he had committed no crime or civil violation other than placing a female mannequin in the shop window dressed in a shiny black rubber mackintosh. Somewhat embarrassed, the two police officers explained that their boss "wanted them to take a look around and find out what else was for sale in the shop." They found nothing which contravened any law and left after apologizing profusely.

A number of years later, John Sutcliffe of Atomage magazine (a true British national treasure) also had a visit from the police. This time they were not so friendly and John was eventually prosecuted for obscenity after publishing author Jim Dickson’s, "Story of Gerda" Book Two which the police found to be offensive after receiving a complaint from someone who had supposedly read the SM themed book.

Sadly, John felt he had no choice but to plead guilty. Unfortunately, as a consequence the court ordered all of the Atomage library of photographs (including negatives) featuring amongst other things rainwear enthusiasts dressed in rubber and vinyl mackintoshes and capes be destroyed.

John died a few years later, some say from a broken heart.

Many say that John’s Atomage supplement magazines including Atomage Rubberist and Dressing for Pleasure probably caught the attention of the British authorities long before they received the solitary complaint concerning the Story of Gerda book.

This begs the question; have attitudes thirty years later changed towards personal lifestyle choices (as far as the law enforcement community is concerned) which involve dressing for pleasure in "kinky" rubber or plastic mackintoshes and capes coupled with a little BDSM here and there?

Simple answer: it depends were you live and how you share your personal photos, videos and other content with other enthusiasts. After all, we now know that we live in a world where our lives are not as private as they once were.

It’s hard to believe that anyone in this day and age would consider a woman dressed in a mackintosh and mask wielding a riding crop to be obscene. But then again, we do live in strange times.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rainwear Nostalgia - Single and Double Texture Macs

Single &  Double Texture Rubber Macs
Over the past couple of years, I have noticed an increase in mail from enthusiasts reminiscing about the good old days back in the 50's, 60 and 70's when women were frequently seen dressed in rubberised single or double texture cotton mackintoshes, a subject I have touched upon before.

While it is unlikely that the rubberised mackintosh will ever make a return to most women's wardrobes due in part to the high price of the currently available single and double texture macs (which includes the classic double texture riding mac) I know that the crisp, smart look of these classic raincoats along with the highly distinctive natural rubber aroma and recognisable rustle and swish when worn out is greatly missed by many rainwear devotees old enough to remember the 50, 60's and 70's. Note: I remember the 70's.

Based on my own personal observations and experiences, the single or double texture mackintosh which includes the riding mac is not as popular with enthusiasts as mackintoshes produced in shiny black rubber surfaced cotton (also known as wigan or wiggan). However, I am starting to see more email's seeking information and above all requests for photos featuring single and double texture macs and especially riding macs. This begs the question: is it time to consider buying a new rubber riding mac.  What do you think?


Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Mystery of My Missing Rubber Mackintosh (a true story)

I purchased one of my all time favorite shiny black rubber mackintoshes (similar to mackintosh shown on the left) in the early eighties from a boutique in London’s Covent Garden. A truly perfect fit, my mackintosh looked absolutely fabulous, worn either tightly belted over a jacket and skirt, or worn casually over an old wool sweater and pair of jeans.

Traveling to my office in Central London by train every day, I soon learnt that on rainy days, both my mackintosh and I would attract a significant amount of attention from male passengers. Some would observe me from a safe distance while others made a point of standing or sitting as close to me as they possibly could inside the train carriage.

Occasionally, I would receive a compliment, typically from an older gentleman that I looked "charming," "marvelous" or even "ravishing" in my shiny black rubber mackintosh.

Arriving at my office in Hanover Square after a short ride on the London Underground, I would typically hang my mackintosh up in the office cloakroom located under the grand staircase at the front of the building.
As the head office of a major international company, the offices received a large number of visitors on a daily basis, many of whom where executives, lawyers, or dignitaries from the company’s various worldwide operations. Few however, used the office cloakroom.

One wet, miserable Tuesday night in late November, I walked into the cloakroom after a particularly grueling day only to find that my shiny black rubber mackintosh was missing? As I carefully worked my hands through the assortment of other coats and jackets hanging on the clothes rail a second, third and fourth time, my heart began to sink as it became apparent that someone had taken my cherished mackintosh.

Borrowing a colleagues’ umbrella, I traveled home that night on the train wondering who would have taken my mackintosh, which could not, under any circumstances have been mistaken for any other raincoat or jacket hanging up in the cloakroom that day.

The following morning, a light frost accompanied by a clear blue sky dictated that I wear my navy blue wool overcoat to work.  As I sat on the train, unable to read my book, wondering who had taken my mackintosh, my thoughts were suddenly interrupted as the train came to a rapid and un-scheduled stop just outside Clapham Junction Station in South London.

Both my fellow passengers and I sat silently for about five minutes wondering our fate as our train stood motionless on the tracks.  Finally, a distinguished looking gentleman in his early sixties dressed in a blue pinstripe suit looked up from behind his Daily Telegraph and announced:

"Typical British Rail" "A little bit of frost on the lines and the whole network grinds to a halt"  A murmur of mutual agreement from my fellow passengers filled the carriage as the bright autumn sun shone through the windows.

Finally after approximately twenty minutes, our train began to move slowly towards its final destination of Waterloo Station.

As we slowly pulled into Waterloo, several of the passengers proceeded to carry out the daily ritual of opening the carriage door before the train had come to a complete stop. A dangerous habit presumably intended to achieve a head start on other passengers as they proceeded to swarm the British Rail ticket collector at the end of the platform.  I for one never engaged in such activity, preferring to remain seated until most of the passengers had left the carriage.  

With just myself and the distinguished gentleman in the pinstripe suit remaining, I stood up to leave.

"No sexy mac today?" he inquired with a smile.

I hesitated before replying. I had seen him on the train before but did not consider him to be one of my mackintosh admirers.

"Not today".  I replied.

"That’s a pity, always makes my day when I see you dressed in that sexy black mac" he quipped.  I wondered how many more fans did my mackintosh and I have. 

Arriving at my office, I instinctively went over to the employee cloakroom to hang my overcoat up and look for my missing rubber mackintosh.

Opening the door, I detected the faint aroma of natural rubber which could only belong to my mac. Could it be? Yes, hanging awkwardly on a coat hanger was my cherished raincoat.

It did not take a detective to realize that someone had borrowed by mackintosh for the night and then hurriedly put it back in the cloakroom earlier that morning. But who?

Upon closer examination of my mackintosh, I found a small trace of ladies makeup on the collar along with a slight hint of perfume, both of which were most definitely not mine. Clearly another woman had worn my mackintosh recently.

As I continued my examination of my raincoat, I found no damage or marks on the black rubber surface or for that matter the tan cotton (wiggan) lining.

Needless to say, I stopped wearing my rubber mackintosh to work.
Over the following weeks and months, this led me to believe, on reflection, that someone had simply borrowed my mackintosh in order to steal a night of dressing for pleasure and even possibly love making activities.


Just over one year later, I discovered the identity of the person who had borrowed my mackintosh for the night.

Our group accountant was a pleasant man in his mid-forties who liked to talk to anyone who would listen about his views and opinions on various subjects. Late one Friday afternoon, just before I was about to leave for the weekend and meet some friends, he walked into my office.  I was wearing a leather pencil skirt and high heel shoes which appeared to catch his attention.

"How are things in your department?"; he inquired somewhat nervously.

"Fine" I replied as I proceeded to lock my desk drawer and filing cabinets.

"I have not seen you in that shiny black rubber number lately?" I pretended not to understand what he meant.

"Oh, I did so enjoy seeing you in it on wet rainy days" he continued.

"Do you mean my black rubber mackintosh?" I tersely replied.

"Yes," "Yes’ he responded eagerly.

"Someone borrowed it without my permission from the cloakroom downstairs last November." I said.  "I no longer wear it to work for fear that it might be stolen again."

"Oh dear, that’s a shame " he replied in a somewhat nervous voice as he looked down at the floor sheepishly.

From his body language and tone, I instantly knew that he was the likely mackintosh thief.  I bid him good night and left him standing in the office with the lights turned off.

As I travelled home later that night,  I smiled to myself and thought, "maybe it's time for me to start wearing my shiny black rubber mackintosh to work again". After all, I now know the identity of the mac thief who almost certainly will  now keep his "sticky fingers" to himself after our little Friday afternoon chat.  Moreover, why deprive my fellow train passengers (and rubber mackintosh enthusiasts) of a little "macking" pleasure on the way to and from work.  So I did.