Dressing for Pleasure in Rainwear
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Welcome to the new homepage for TheRainwearist.com
Here you can gain access to photos, short stories and other
content relating to my  own dressing for pleasure in rainwear
observations and experiences.  
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Why the change?
Over the past months, I have received a large number of
email's from rainwear enthusiasts asking me to bring back a
dedicated “rainwear” website (not just a blog) featuring rubber
and plastic mackintoshes and capes.  So here it is.
For the time being, sister website EnthusiastImages.com will
continue using the current format. This includes offering for
sale complete photo sets previously showcased in the
members area of KristinesJournal.com.
If you enjoy seeing photos of my mackintoshes and capes and
would like to correspond with me on the subject of "dressing
for pleasure in rainwear
" my members area is a must.
Welcome to TheRainwearist.com
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Rainwear Erotica
Shiny Bound photo set now available to view and
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Whatever your taste and preferences are when it comes to “dressing for
pleasure” in rainwear, you’ll always find a topic of interest in Kristine’s Journal.
Kristine’s Journal is now part of TheRainwearist.com