Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Pros and Cons of a Latex Rubber Mackintosh

Latex mackintosh by Demask

In my opinion, the Latex Rubber Mackintosh is most definitely an item of fetish wear or club wear best suited to nocturnal activities.

Over the years, I have owned several latex mackintoshes purchased from leading European manufacturers including Demask and Sealwear. All have been truly wonderful items of rainwear in terms of quality, looks and outright rubber fetish appeal.

While I would be the first to admit that latex macs are fun to wear, they do however, lack the practical advantages of a more traditional SBR, single/double texture or PVC/PU mackintosh as far as overall comfort and daily uses are concerned.

Typically made from heavier gauge latex sheeting than other latex fashion wear, these mackintoshes tend to feel somewhat cumbersome and restrictive when worn out-and-about especially if tightly belted.

Based on my own personal experiences, latex fashion and fetish wear including dresses, skirts and suits can be very attractive and easy to wear and will always get you noticed at a party or social event. But no matter how well designed and made a latex mackintosh may be, it cannot compete with the crisp, sharp lines of a shiny black rubber or plastic mackintosh when it comes to overall style and sex appeal.

It has to be said that on the limited number of occasions that I have worn one of my latex macs out for the evening (typically over a skirt and blouse), I have always received favorable comments.

Maybe it’s the strong latex rubber aroma combined with my Coco perfume, or perhaps it’s the novelty of seeing a woman engulfed in folds of shiny black latex rubber? Whatever the answer, the fact remains that wearing a latex rubber mac can be fun and that’s all that matters, as far as I am concerned.




  1. Hi Kristine, I recently discovered your blog. It's a joyous read. Thank you.

    Interesting post about latex mackintoshes. I've been toying with the idea of buying one to wear as a raincoat or maybe shorter rain jacket, rather than for 'nocturnal activities' but wasn't sure how it would feel compare to my SBR.

    You insight has been very useful. Thanks you.


    1. Thank you for your comment Gary. Don't get me wrong, I am sure a latex mac would make a fine addition to you rainwear collection.


  2. Huh? Pros and cons? There are only pros when it comes to macs ;)

  3. Hi

    Just found your blog after seeing your fantastic Utube movies.

    Wish I lived in NY, I'd arrange to meet for coffee wearing my SBR trench!

    Keep up the good work...