Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rainwear Nostalgia - Single and Double Texture Macs

Single &  Double Texture Rubber Macs
Over the past couple of years, I have noticed an increase in mail from enthusiasts reminiscing about the good old days back in the 50's, 60 and 70's when women were frequently seen dressed in rubberised single or double texture cotton mackintoshes, a subject I have touched upon before.

While it is unlikely that the rubberised mackintosh will ever make a return to most women's wardrobes due in part to the high price of the currently available single and double texture macs (which includes the classic double texture riding mac) I know that the crisp, smart look of these classic raincoats along with the highly distinctive natural rubber aroma and recognisable rustle and swish when worn out is greatly missed by many rainwear devotees old enough to remember the 50, 60's and 70's. Note: I remember the 70's.

Based on my own personal observations and experiences, the single or double texture mackintosh which includes the riding mac is not as popular with enthusiasts as mackintoshes produced in shiny black rubber surfaced cotton (also known as wigan or wiggan). However, I am starting to see more email's seeking information and above all requests for photos featuring single and double texture macs and especially riding macs. This begs the question: is it time to consider buying a new rubber riding mac.  What do you think?



  1. Well I have two both in single-textured cotton and love them both. My wife has two also both in single-textured satin and she swears by them to keep her "warm and snuggly". Her words not mine.

  2. I've never owned a single or double texture mackintosh and neither has Mistress. I can appreciate the natural aroma of the rubber and it's swishy, schlocky sounds but I prefer the look and feel of an SBR mackintosh. As I'm also a fan of PVC rainwear, I can only think it is the visual effect of the shiny black, rippling surface that stirs my emotions first, sound second and aroma third.....But then again the image you have chosen of two ladies in tightly-belted mackintoshes and boots is rather fetching.

  3. Well i"d assumed that we were talking of rubber-lined mackintoshes hence my first reply. In any event, the lady also owns two PVC coats, one in shiny-black and the other in a lilac color from Rainmac.

  4. But, to answer the question raised by the writer, Yes I do believe it is but where to go to get it? There's Weathervain and maybe Lakeland and Hamilton Classics but other than that I'm not sure where is the correct place to visit? Again, if anybody else has a source I'd like to know.

    And, as far as I can tell, Rainmac doesn't sell single-textured garments at all so that's out for those of us who prefer it.

  5. I very much enjoy the look, smell and sound of single and double texture macs. My wife has double texture macs by Burberry and Storm Clouds, and I have a single texture mac from Rainmac and a double texture from Dunhill.

    Rainmac no longer sells any rubber mackintoshes so I think that the only sources are Weathervain, Lakeland Elements and Hamilton Classics. And, of course, Mackintosh itself but those are hells expensive.

  6. The first memory of my infant-childhood is waking from an incredibly pleasurable and penetrating dream, made up of a sound and smell, which turned out to be the the soft pale red rubber sheet I was lying on - I must have kicked off the cotton sheet cover - and the very soft white rubber baby pants I was wearing.

    This was my first orgasm and my "imprinting" on soft rubber for the rest of my life, from the 1950s to this day.

    I am a heterosexual ladies' rubber garment and mackintosh transvestite, who has been most fortunate in meeting, and enjoying relationships with, women who equally enjoy dressing together in these incredibly delectable garments.

    We have bought many garments, originally from South Bucks Rainwear Co.;, and companies in Germany, Italy, France, and from Kastley and Weathervain (when they were manufacturing non-latex "pure" soft rubber underwear, skirts, blouses, dresses, etc., (we love "chlorinated" latex stockings, open-bottom girdles, bras, etc.) ... and of course, proper ladies mackintoshes.

    It's a sad shame that that era - 1950s - 1970s is long gone.